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GP2Sampling, Testing, Analyzing—Grain Probes Assure Quality

North Star Scale offers high-quality grain probes and testing equipment ideal for cooperatives, granaries, and other grain transfer and storage facilities.

North Star Scale sells and services grain probes from Gamet and Probe-A-Load. These grain probe products are grain probes for trucks or rail cars. They integrate with truck scale and truck loadout areas to centralize grain testing, load weighing, and loadout without the truck needing to leave the scale.

Grain probes also sample feed products in order to test what is added to feed. Probes can also do protein testing, which ensures the purity and quality of the feed.

Down pressure of the probe pushes a core of grain into the inner chamber of the sampling tube.

Grain probes sample grain for moisture and for any foreign material in the feed. Grain probes consistently provide an exact sample with no chance for excess foreign material. The grain probes we sell meet all state and federal regulations and are Type Approved for FGIS Official Sampling.

Grain probe and testing equipment we sell or service include the below.

  • Grain probes
  • Scales for grain carts
  • Scales for seed tenders
  • Maintenance and repair


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