Services and Calibrations

North Star Scale Truck Scale and Test Truck

North Star Scale services include scale calibration, equipment maintenance, emergency repair, and others. Whether you need a simple load cell replacement, or an entire scale system overhaul, North Star Scale has the resources and expertise to see the job done with dependability and integrity.

NTEP Legal for Trade Scale Certifications

North Star Scale is certified to perform Legal for Trade NTEP Certified calibrations on weighing systems. This certification allows us to service your scale into use for commerce applications. Because of our advanced calibration knowledge, you can rest assured that your scale is output an accurate weight reading for fair legal transactions.

Truck Scale Calibrations and Certifications

North Star Scale has over 32,000 pounds of certified calibration test weights, including test carts and test trucks. Our heavy capacity certified weights allow us to calibrate and certify virtually all truck scale capacities and models.

Calibration Weight Test Carts for Truck Scale Calibrations

Annual Maintenance and Calibrations

Creating an annual scale and probe maintenance schedule helps deter unplanned service and repair. All Legal for Trade NTEP Certified scales need to be calibrated on a strict schedule to ensure tolerance, repeatability, and accuracy. Ask us about creating an annual maintenance plan for your scale and grain probe systems.

North Star Scale Is Certified

North Star Scale is certified to do Legal for Trade scale system calibrations in Minnesota, South Dakota, and Iowa. North Star Scale can calibrate and certify all of your scale systems, even systems not installed from North Star Scale.

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