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The Truck Scale Buyer’s Guide

The Truck Scale Buyers Guide

Rice Lake Weighing Systems’ guide for first time truck scale purchasers. This informative resource breaks down all elements of a truck scale and the information you need to consider before selecting a truck scale, from load cells and software to site planning and excavation.

Download The Truck Scale Buyer’s Guide

SURVIVOR OTR and PT Literature


Rice Lake Weighing Systems’ SURVIVOR OTR and PT truck scales are manufactured to last 25 years or more. Using a durable I-beam weighbridge design, it is a dependable and rugged truck scale system.

Download The SURVIVOR OTR Steel Deck Guide

Download The SURVIVOR OTR Concrete Deck Guide

Download The SURVIVOR PT Guide


RoughDeck Floor Scale Literature

RoughDeck Floor Scales

Rice Lake Weighing Systems’ RoughDeck floor scales are ideal for many industries and applications. Available in many sizes, capacities and finishes, it is a dependable floor scale.

Download The RoughDeck Floor Scale Guide



Gamet Apollo 17 Truck Probe Literature


The Gamet Apollo Model 17 is the heavy duty Apollo truck probe offering. It is ideal for use with all whole grains in high traffic applications.

Download The Gamet Apollo 17 Guide


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