Complete Scale Systems

North Star Scale Truck Scale

Weighing, Measurement, and Process Control Systems

North Star Scale not only installs the scale, but also the scale instrumentation, accessories, and performs any calibrations needed system-wide. We offer a complete scale product offering include the below scales.

  • Truck scales and axle scales
  • Floor scales and bench scales
  • Hopper scales and batching systems
  • Bulk weighing systems
  • Livestock scales
  • Crane scales

Truck Scale Systems

North Star Scale specializes in heavy capacity scales, including truck scale systems.

Installing a new truck scale

We sell and install only the best truck scale models for your unique application needs. Your truck scale is your business’ cash register, therefore you need a quality scale and dependable scale supplier to help you navigate the best model and installation for your application site.

Repairing existing truck scales

If you own an older truck scale, we can overhaul the system and replace worn-out components. If your scale’s concrete deck is wearing and cracking, we also provide concrete deck replacement to extend the usability of the scale. Replacing old components can extend the life of your scale for many years. Many existing scales need a longer scale deck to meet the needs of an expanding business. These locations may be prime candidates for scale deck extensions. We inspect the scale and foundation prior to ensure the extension will be successful.

Calibrating truck scale systems

With over 32,000 pounds of certified calibration weights, we can provide NTEP Legal for Trade scale certification for most scale capacities and models from major manufacturers.

SURVIVOR® truck scale series

The SURVIVOR Series truck scale is an outstanding design that incorporates the most advanced engineering and production technology to manufacture the highest quality vehicle weighing system in the marketplace.

SURVIVOR PT pit style truck scale

The SURVIVOR PT pit truck scale combines electronic scale components with the rugged durability of mechanical scales. We offer several standard sizes to satisfy most requirements. Custom built models are also available to replace existing pit-type installations. The SURVIVOR PT is also ideal for extending existing scales that have become too short for your application.

SURVIVOR OTR aboveground truck scale

The SURVIVOR OTR aboveground truck scale has more structural steel and standard features than competitive models. We can install the SURVIVOR OTR on most existing foundations and is available with a concrete or steel deck.

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